Making a Difference through Friendship and English!

What Our Volunteers are Saying

Wendy from Tennessee:




Don and Karen from Virgina:




Kristal and Ellee from Texas:

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Douglas and Gwen from Texas:

This is our second trip with VFC and we are looking forward to going back and to meeting all of you!
Our favorite part of China is the people. They are very kind, warm and loving! We hope to share Christ’s love to them through our lessons and other exchanges.

Ann and David are wonderful and caring people whom without their efforts, devotion and experience this would be such a difficult challenge. A deep sense of gratitude goes out to them and the monumental amount of work they do for us and Him. They are great examples to all of us.

Lord willing, we will see you soon!

Lizzy from Tennessee:

Out of all the experiences I had in China, I enjoyed meeting and making friends with the Chinese college students. I hold friendship very high in my life and these students made a few marks on my heart. I still keep in touch with them, some of them anyway. I loved adapting to Chinese culture. … I really enjoyed every new person, food, whatever I was introduced to.

Norfleet from Alabama:

The lesson I’ll never forget is how caring and kind the Chinese students are. They were begging for more opportunities to help me! The day that made it all worthwhile was when my student Cristina said “this experience is the high point of my life!” The most enjoyable day was the Saturday outing with students – shopping, eating, talking.

Becca from Georgia:

It surprised me how incredibly different I felt while in China. … I’ve been in several different countries, but I’ve never felt that feeling of complete other-ness and different-ness that I felt in China. (NOTE: We always tell volunteers that China is not better, it is not worse, it is just different!) I saw God in the whole trip- which I wasn’t excited about when I left because of the huge hassle of getting myself and my team prepared. Yet, when I once got there, I knew God wanted me there and that I was there to do His business. That’s where He wanted me.

Allan from Texas: