Making a Difference through Friendship and English!

Technical, Medical, and Other Special Assignments

Teaching oral English is one method of service in China, but many other areas are open or opening for service by volunteers.

Medical, Agricultural, Nursing, Pharmacy, Irrigation and flood plan control, Farming techniques, Dairy farming, Environmental control and improvements are only examples of potential service expertise areas. Social ministries for orphanages, blindness prevention, medical/dental education and clinics are all areas of need.

If you are guided by the Lord to be of service, let us know. The Lord may have a place for you in China that you had not considered before.


A Call to All Medical-related Students, Staff, and Professionals!!!

Medical and Nursing colleges in China have invited teams of 4 or more students, staff, or professionals to come and teach Chinese nursing and medical students. Also, you will visit hospitals and clinics and dialogue with Chinese medical professionals. A valid passport is required.

The team could be from one location, one college or one hospital. This would make the planning easier. Yet, the team can be made of members from different schools and/or locations.[/jumbotron]

July to August:

Medical/nursing/science students and professionals are invited to join a team, for three weeks, to lead basic workshops in your fields of interest to Chinese medical/nursing/dental students at a medical college. Cost $1,300 plus round trip air ticket to China.


Classes will have approximately 30 students each. The students have completed at least one year of medical college and have passed an English proficiency exam.

Opportunities for you to share your faith

Opportunities for you to share your faith are by attending the local Christian church, being a kind and caring teacher, showing concern for the students, and answering any questions that students/staff ask about anything!

Topics can include, but definitely are not restricted to:

  • Basic nursing
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and care
  • Health/hygiene
  • Obstetrics/pediatrics
  • General biology Anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • General medicine
  • Basic first aid
  • Terminology/vocabulary

Topics may be chosen by the team based on the members’ skills and interests.

Volunteers for China can assist with lesson methodology.