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Experience China’s People and Culture

China is a land of beauty and mystery. By land mass it is the world’s third largest nation behind Canada and the USA; by population, it is the largest. One of every 5 people in the world lives in China!

Teachers with Volunteers for China have shared photos of those things that really struck them as memorable while they were serving in China. It may be the first step they made in China. It may be the school where they taught. It may be the students with whom they shared dumplings. It may be the church they attended. It may be the food they ate. It may be the Great Wall of China. Whatever it is, each VFC volunteer will be drawn to a special aspect of the culture or people of China.

China is very diverse as you will see. Enjoy the memories!

If you are a former volunteer with VFC and would like to submit any of your favorite photos for possible use on this page, then please do so.