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English Improvement Program China

  • Are you willing to make an eternal difference in China?
  • Are you willing to give up three weeks of your summer?
  • Are you willing to make friends with Chinese English speaking university students?
  • Are you willing to learn a little Chinese language, calligraphy, cooking, and tai qi?
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If you can answer YES to these questions, then God must be calling you to serve as a short-term representative in China!

Christian students are welcomed to China to help people with their English skills and to study Chinese culture.  As such you have a chance to interact with Chinese students; many have never met Christians before.  Your Christian lifestyle will speak volumes to them and that sets up the opportunities to witness of God’s leading in your life.

You will be involved in morning classes helping to teach conversational English.  The afternoon may give you a chance to learn a little Chinese language, calligraphy, art, history, etc. as you continue classes in a less formal setting.  You may be called upon to teach the Chinese college students how to play basebsall, or play UNO, or lead in other planned and impromptu recreational and social activities.  There’ll even be a Christmas party! 

In addition, there will be an opportunity to practice what you have learned when you return to Beijing by being a Christian example of Jesus' love by talking with other Chinese as you climb the Great Wall, walk in Tiananmen Square, visit the Forbidden City, see an acrobatic show, and shop in the famous silk market, at all times being an example of Christ to those around you.  God will use you, if you place your self in His hands for service.


All need a Passport that is good for at least six (6 Months) after you are planning to leave China.   You need at least one clean passport page for a visa; better to have at least two pages side by side.

Dates given are for the departure and return to the USA.  These dates are the best known dates at this time,  Final dates will be set before airline tickets are purchased.

Cost reflects food, housing, transportation to site, Chinese visa, medical insurance, VFC program supplies and incidental VFC costs.

Bonner Scholars:   China is an approved summer experience for your program.

One month to one year assignments are available. College and High School assignments are available.  Volunteers must be flexible and follow Volunteer for China guidelines while on the field.  Stipend, some airfare and housing may be provided at many teaching sites.

Orphage Service at New Day:

Any Time During the Year:  New Day has updated the application deadlines for Summer Programs.  It is Januray 15th each year.  New Day Creations is a multifaceted ministry that serves both adults and children.  VFC wishes to introduce you to the opportunity to serve there.  Your tasks can be varied from teaching English, to playing with children, doing laundry, weeding a flower bed, etc.  New Day's Hope Foster Home aids in alleviating the pain and suffering of physicaally challenged Chinese orphans and gives them a future and a hope.

For a one month experience VFC can make arrangements for an estimated cost of

$ 1200 plus  an air ticket to and from Beijing.  New Day has its own application process which you will need to complete in addition to the application form for VFC. Other dates may be available.

July to August:  Other dates may be available.  Check with VFC.

July 4 to July 23 and July 11 to July 30 : Within these dates are 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 week conversational English programs teaching senior high school students and/or college students and/or Chinese English teachers in the Changzhi area of north central China.  These students need better English skills in order to pass the upcoming university entrance exam.  Share your God-given gift of English with them as you model Christ in the classroom.  Cost $1300 for 3 weeks and an additional $ 200 for each additional week that you teach, plus round trip air ticket to China.

July 7 to August 6 : Teach conversational English to Chinese, middle school teachers during the Summer English Program (SEP) co-sponsored by Amity Foundation.  A curriculum notebook is provided.  You will serve on a team of at least 3 other teachers.  Cost $ 1600 plus round trip air ticket to China.

August English Church Camp Beijing area

College students, are needed to help guide Sr High School students through a prepared English learning program and normal camp outdoor activities. Opportunities are available for one or two weeks. Contact VFC for details.

Medical college programs are arranged when professionals have volunteered for service.

 July to August :  Medical/nursing/science students and professionals are invited to join a team, for three weeks, to lead basic workshops in your fields of interest to Chinese medical/nursing/dental students at a medical college.  Cost $1300 plus round trip air ticket to China.

Attendance at the local Chinese Christian church will provide you with a first hand experience of the growth of the church in China.  In all projects, making friends is an open door to sharing your faith.  We are careful to obey all laws of China and share our faith within those guidelines.



NOTE:  Age is not a limiting factor, but the Chinese may turn you down because of age.   Very good health is required since you will be working in hot, humid, non-air conditioned rooms.  Willingness to work in those conditions, flexibility to adjust, and cooperation with the team facilitator are requirements for service.  If you are age 65 or over, a medical letter from your doctor is required. 


For more information about Volunteer ministries in China contact:
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